Canned Tuna

Our tuna is different from others. It’s made from high quality raw materials that make it very tasty. You’ll find out the difference after tasting the various flavors of our tuna.

Canned Stew


Have you ever been short on time and wanted to make a quick and delicious meal, but really had no choice? Well, the good news is that you can count on all kinds of canned stews in Barke… You only have to arrange the rice yourself and leave the rest to us.

Canned stew

Have you ever been time limited and want to make a quick and delicious meal, but you really did not have any choice? Well you can open accounts on all kinds of canned steaks … Just do it yourself and arrange the rest with us! ?



One of the seasonings next to any food is a variety of pickles that make any food delicious… and it has its own fans. If you are a pickle lover, you know that not every pickle can be counted and a good pickle tastes different…well, our good news is that you only need to try one of our pickles once to fall in love with it forever.

Salt Pickles

I think it’s a challenge for almost everyone to find a good pickled cucumber that is always of good quality… If you are also a fan of pickled cucumbers, you know that this delicious thing can make your meal more enjoyable. Be sure that you can trust our products for a cool and delicious pickle.

Salted tastes

I think it’s almost a challenge for everyone to find a good pickle that always has a good quality … if you’re one of the adventurers of cucumber, you know that this cute creature yourself can get the food you need to be sure 🙂 Be sure You can trust our products for a delicious cucumber!



Imagine that when you wake up tomorrow morning, there will be a number of hot and crispy toasts waiting for you to sit around the table and enjoy the meal. We promise you that the day beginning with the Berke Jams will be a special day for you.



Imagine that tomorrow you’ll wake up in the morning for breakfast with series of hot and delicious tasty bread alongside the charming chives of cherry and carrot jam. you sit around the table and eat it ? We promise you the day that Starting with pond jams will be a special day for you ?



در آشپزخانه برکه دستور انواع غذاهای محلی و دریایی و فرنگی و ایرانی و… با تنوع لذت بخشی میتونید ببینید. هرکدوم از این دستورارو درست کردین حتما نظرخودتون و برامون بنویسید و تجربیاتتون و به اشتراک بزارید.


داشتن رژیم غذایی مفید و تغذیه سالم یکی از مهم ترین و تاثیر گذارترین عوامل در سلامت بدن انسان که با رعایت آن می تونید طول عمر خودتون و افزایش بدین. با ما همراه باشین تا روش های مناسب و مفید سالم خوردن و خوب ماندن را یاد بگیرید.